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Major Mag is a fashion magazine with endless beauty and fashion ideas to help you live a more stylish life. As you know, instagram is an excellent platform for fashion accounts. It's an image-based platform where beautiful photos make you stop the scrolling long enough to read captions. Adding shoppable posts to fashion Instagram can help create a more immersive experience for followers. In order to have a successful Instagram strategy, follower growth is vital. So, we helped them create a visual identity that would entice their audience to shop.

Major Mag Post Brandgaytor Portfolio

What’s easier than denim itself? A denim dress you can throw on and go! ✅

Major Mag Post Brandgaytor Portfolio

This color combo 🤩💙💛

You cannot use your Instagram account as a marketing tool if you don’t have organic, engaged followers. Our Brandgaytor helped Major mag create a visually appealing and Instagram algorithm-friendly account to attract users and grow on Instagram. With our help, Major Mag was able to run ads, manage their accounts, create attractive posts, etc. And hence it helped them to gain over 13k followers.