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7 Sisters is a tofu manufacturing company and has been struggling to find a way to break into the market. They have an amazing product, but they were not able to get it out there. We create an instagram account for the company and made it a brand. We post pictures of their food and how it is made. We also post pictures of the people who work in their factory, as well as videos of them manufacturing. We also displayed health benefits of consuming tofu in a creative way. The client's instagram page becomes their brand face and they are able to break into the market.


As you know tofu is a plant based soya paneer made out of soya which is rich in protein and nutrients and it is totally vegan no animal milk is used in it and it taste like paneer but it is made out plants.
7 Sisters Tofu (Soya Paneer) is made from Organic Soyabeans. By adding it in your daily diet it gives you nutritious and super versatile benefits.

Brandgaytor Client

Cut all the vegetables in any shape as per your choice. Heat a wok/kadai and add olive oil. Keep the flame on medium. Now add chopped carrot, capsicum, baby corn, sweet corn and salt and mix well. now cover the wok. Cook the vegetables for about 4-5 minutes. Now add chili flakes, black pepper powder, lemon juice and mix well. Add tomato and tofu and mix well.

We realized that people love looking into other people’s lives. We started showing them how the company operates and what it means to be an employee or customer which made people feel unique and special. They wanted to be a part of it too. This new found brand loyalty translated into more customers as well as employees wanting to work here. We increased this company’s brand valuation by 10 multifold using instagram marketing.